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2016-09-29_1417Every now and again we come across someone who, unbeknownst to us, is evangelizing Authy to his or her friends for the simple reason that they believe in it.

Just before 2016 came to an end, we were tipped off to David Clarke, from just outside of Melbourne, Australia. We were excited to hear why he likes Authy so much.

AUTHY:  Hi David. Before we conducted the interview, we looked through your LinkedIn profile and have to say we’re impressed by at the certifications and awards you’ve received in your career so far. And you seem to have a full plate identifying and managing security risks for your employer.

David: Yes, my career interests are pretty centered around IT operations and security. And this year I started in a new position as ISO Compliance & Security Officer for PageUp.

We saw. Congrats on the new gig. It seems like you have a full plate there. Identifying and managing security risks is a full-time job, for sure.

My #1 priority in working in IT Security is to raise the awareness and security culture of the people that work with me. That said, it’s sometimes easy to forget about your friends and family. Their online security is important too, and as someone who can assist them and guide them in best practice, I felt like I should help!

Does work regularly spill over into your personal life?

About three weeks ago on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I sat down with Emily, my fiancée, and described what we should do about online security and why it was important. Pretty soon we had LastPass setup, unique passwords for her most important online accounts, a means to set up secure passwords for new online services and two-factor enabled. We downloaded Authy and then setup codes for Google, Facebook, and LastPass.

How long did all that take?

Only about 20 minutes.

Nice. Less than a half hour to go from unsecured to two-factor protected.

Pretty much. Even before I got into Security, as I was working in IT, I was always looking for the best way to protect myself online. There wasn’t a particular event that made me do it; I’d been a Gmail customer for a long time, and as soon as I saw they had 2FA available, I decided to utilize it.

Aha. So you were a Google Authenticator user.

If I remember correctly, Google Authenticator was the only choice I had for a soft token at the time.

We hear that a lot. Google Authenticator is like a gateway drug. People start there, and as they get more familiar with what 2FA can do, they start looking for the next thing.  Was that your story?

Well, several things prompted my move to Authy. At the time, Google Authenticator’s UX was frustrating. Then there was the frustration that accompanies having to migrate 2FA codes when you get a new phone. And finally, there’s the lack of multi-device support. Combined, that’s what drove me to try Authy.

How long ago was that?

I started using Authy about one and a half years ago. Currently, I use the Android app and the Chrome PlugIn for about 12 accounts, both personal and work related.

I see. A bit more of the work and personal stuff mixing it up.

Well besides works accounts, I also have social media accounts that need protection, and I have accounts with Spotify, Reddit, and with various blogs pertaining to Motorsports, Craft Beer and Vinyl collecting, in addition to IT and security blogs.

Do you have a favorite 2FA feature, David?

Absolutely. I love Authy’s multi-device sync, makes changing to a new device a breeze! But I’d also like to see a few UI/UX tweaks. It would be great to have folders or tabs so that I can separate or group accounts. And fingerprint auth instead of using a PIN to open the app would be nice, too.

Well, our engineering team is currently at work on a fingerprint solution, so we should have good news for you down the road. Hope you stick around to see it.

Of course. Authy is always my first choice to recommend to friends, family, and co-workers.

We appreciate it, David. Congrats on your upcoming nuptials, and best of luck to you and your fiancée! Stay secure.

Will do. Security is everyone’s responsibility, and everyone can play a part =]. Keep up the good work!


About the author Severine Griziaux

Severine is the Marketing Manager for Authy at Twilio. Before joining Twilio, she was running the marketing for a software company in the search industry. Combining a mix of professional leadership development and business strategy earned throughout her previous experiences, her main focus is to bring the company to light in order to make developers and users understand why and how 2FA can make the web a safer place with Authy. Just a matter of organization, according to her.