Two-factor auth for developers

The Authy API is the easiest and fastest way to add strong Two-Factor Auth to any website or app.
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Secure & tested
Rolling your own Two-Factor Authentication is hard and even a simple mistake could be a serious security vulnerability. Authy has been externally tested and validated. We take security very seriously.
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Plug & play
Our API takes care of most of the hard details and exposes only 2 simple end-points. Plus we provide libraries for all major languages.
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Great user experience
You connect to Authy using a transparent REST API which allows you to customize the experience you want for your users.
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Multiple ways to authenticate
We support any cellphone. We provide apps for all major phones (iPhone and Android) as well as text-messages for other cellphones.
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Easy management
Hardware dongles, servers, software licenses, setup costs... It's 2014, forget all that. Authy is bringing two-factor authentication to the present.
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Fully redundant
The Authy API is deployed accross different PCI level 1 data-centers and it's fully redundant. We also use a DNS provider with anycast support. We've had 100% availability since 2011.