Excellent Security.
Excellent Price.

All plans feature Authy's amazing security.

Simple REST API.

Free mobile apps.

Powerful management dashboard.

  • free
    Requires credit card verification

    Starter / Dev Box

    A free & simple way to get started.
    Great when you are developing.

    • 1,000 Users
    • 1,000 Auth API calls / mo
    • 250 SMS Tokens / mo
    • Email Support
    • Standard Features / Free Apps
    • Free Sign Up
  • $ 4 9 / MO


    Great for small to medium
    sized applications.

    • 5,000 Users
    • 5,000 Auth API calls / mo
    • 1,250 SMS Tokens / mo
    • Priority Email Support
    • Standard Features / Free Apps
    • Sign Up
  • $ 199 / MO


    Fits any size.
    For the most demanding apps.

    • 100,000+ Users
    • 50,000 Auth API calls / mo
    • 12,500 SMS Tokens / mo
    • Phone, Email and Chat Support
    • Standard Features / Free Apps
    • Sign Up

Credit card Verification

To prevent abuse and ensure quality we require a valid credit card. We'll only apply a $0.50c verification charge.

What are auth api calls ?

When a user enters a token on your site, you call the Authy /verify API to validate this token. These are Auth API Calls. Adding users is not counted as an Auth call.

SMS / Text Messages

Most people own a Smartphone and use the mobile app, but some don't. For those users we allow you to send them a token as text-message on every login. We have world-wide text-message support.

Fully mobile soft tokens

Everyone now has a cellphone, why bother with the extra cost and inconvenience of a hardware token? With Authy you can get the same level of security through our mobile apps (Android and iPhone) or via text-messages.

Looking for an Enterprise grade Two-Factor Authentication?

We offer several Enterprise plans with premium features such as reporting, compliance and policies, hardware tokens, premium API's and white glove installation. Contact us for details.

No Setup Fees

With Authy there are absolutely no setup fees, software licenses or any hidden cost. Everything is pay as you go and you can cancel anytime.


Authy is distributed across different geographical areas. We've maintained 99.9999% uptime since 2011.

Management dashboard

Management is a critical part of a scalable and secure Two-Factor Authentication model. Authy includes a powerful management console where you have full control of your user's security.

Pci-level Iso

Secure & Safe

Security is our first priority. We are deployed on PCI DSS Level 1 and ISO 27001
service providers. All of our systems have been designed with a series of technologies to prevent and detect unauthorized access.

Further, we designed the system so that even in the case of unauthorized access there are minimal consequences. Most importantly Authy is designed so that even if it was compromised your systems would still be secure. Think about it.

Your passwords are always on your systems. If Authy was compromised, it would only mean the attacker has access to the Authy tokens. But to hack your systems they would also require to know your passwords, which only you have.