The most powerful and flexible
Two-Factor Authentication platform

Fully Manageable

Control your organization from a central enterprise level dashboard.


  • Fine grain controls (per user) that help you keep your organization safe.
  • Automatically apply security policies.
  • Remotely disable a phone when it has been lost or stolen.
  • Automatically detect attacks.
  • All of this from a central secure location.

Reporting and compliance

Whether you require PCI, HIPPA, FIPS, Authy helps you easily achieve and stay compliant.


Security Policies

Security policies are an essential part of an scalable and secure Two-Factor Authentication deployment.

Authy has a powerful policy engine that allows you to automatically control how your Authentication behaves at it's deepest level.

Authentication methods

Authy supports multiple authentication methods. A secure smartphone App, text messages, phone calls or hardware dongles. Easily choose which one's fit your organization needs.

Mobile app - SMS - Phone - Dongle

Key rotation

Authy uses 256 bit's private keys, which can be rotated instantly on demand.

All keys are also fully manageable. You can remotely disable and reset keys all with a push of a button. We also provide remote health checking capabilities that help you keep your organization running 24/7 and your users happy.

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