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Add Two-Factor Authentication to your WordPress site in minutes

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WordPress 2 Factor Authentication Plugin

Easy Installation

Authy takes five minutes to install and requires no security knowledge.


Powerful security

Two-Factor Authentication is used by the largest organizations in the world because it works. With Authy you get benefits without the hassle of managing it yourself.

Allow enable WordPress Two Step Authentication to your users or force it, you have the control

Full control

You can allow your users to opt-in on WordPress Two Step Authentication or admins can force Two-Factor Authentication on users on granular basis.

Role based

You can control which users require Two-Factor Authentication based on their WordPress role.

Control which users require Two-Factor Authentication based on their WordPress role
Keep your wordpress blog secure with 2 step verification

Great security

Your WordPress Site is important for your business. Two-Factor Authentication protects your from password re-use, phishing and keylogger attacks.

Authy's wordpress plugin for 2 factor is easy to install

Hassle free

Security shouldn't be painful. Authy WordPress was designed so that anyone can install it, configure it and use it.

Installation steps

  • 1
    Get your Authy API Key at: https://www.authy.com/signup.
  • 2
    Install the wordpress plugin either via your site's dashboard, or by downloading the plugin from WordPress.org and uploading the files to your server.
  • 3
    Activate plugin through the WordPress Plugins menu.
  • 4
    Navigate to Settings -> Authy to enter your Authy API keys
  • Enjoy!


  • Authy WordPress is not working.
  • Look into the Plugin Page settings page for any errors. Otherwise come to our chat-room and we can help you.
  • I have a certificate error.
  • Follow the on-screens instructions to solve the issue. Otherwise come to our chat-room and we can help you.


  • How can a user enable Two-Factor Authentication?
  • The user should go to WordPress profile page and add his mobile number and country code.
  • How can a user disable Authy after enabling it?
  • The user should return to his or her WordPress profile screen and disable Authy at the bottom.
  • Can an Admin can select specific user roles that should authenticate with Authy Two Factor Authentication?
  • Yes, as an admin you can go to settings page of plugin, select the user roles in the list and click Save Changes to save configuration.
  • How can the admin an admin force Authy Two Factor Authentication on a specific user?
  • As an admin you can go to users page. Then select the user in the list and click edit. Go to the bottom an enter the user mobile number and contry code and click update user.

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