We're looking for exceptional individuals to help us build the future of authentication.

We started Authy two years ago because passwords were no longer enough to protect us and the current solution we saw were poor and cumbersome. No other security company has none have gone as far as we have to provide a simple and amazing user experience. Thats why, two years later Authy now helps more than 300,000 people protect their accounts with Two-Factor Authentication. The best part is that most of them had never used Two-Factor Authentication before, and thanks to us they are finally embracing a stronger form of Authentication.
Help us in the path to bring strong Authentication to the next 2 billion.

YOU are our customer

We're developers building a product FOR developers. Working on a product for other developers is one of the most gratifying experiences you'll ever have.

And you'll learn a lot. You'll be working on everything: back-end, front-end, mobile and infrastructure. It'll be a rewarding but challenging journey. Are you up for it?

Our current engineering challenges:


You'll be working with an amazing technology stack and tackle some amazing challenges. Take a look at a recent interview that leanstack made about Authy: http://leanstack.io/authy
We also offer a competitive salary with benefits and stock options. We'll take care of you, so you can focus on doing what you love.

Current Openings

We are always looking for great people, so apply even if you don't fall into any of these categories.

- Developer Experience Manager

We're looking for an experienced developer with a deep understanding of what other developers want. You must be passionate for design, API's, documentation, and making other developers happy.

This position is ideal for a senior developer looking for a bigger challenge. You will get exposure to dealing with clients, building a team and driving the product.
Your job would consist of making the experience of using Authy amazing. To do so you will talk to customers, developers and use lots of metrics to drive the product and the way we interact with developers, customers and end-users (apps, documentation, demos, website, etc). This is a very challenging position. You need to be comfortable doing multiple things at the same time, be very organized and deal well with stress.

1. 3 - 5 years of development experience.
2. Deep understanding of API design and programming.
3. Deep understanding of service oriented architectures.
4. Great written skills. You understand how to write good documentation, press releases and marketing material.
5. Great interpersonal skills.

- Senior App Developer

We are building the best two-factor authentication app platform that has ever existed.

If you are passionate about user experience and building amazing apps, this position is for you. We have several mobile for the standar platforms like iPhone, Android and blackberry. But we've also built some amazing apps for other OS'es. For example our Mac App was the first app to use low-energy bluetooth to seemlesly make two-factor authentication transparent. And we're looking to expand to everything: Google glasses, Pebble watch and whatever the future brings.

1. Great Java or Objective-C knowledge. (Android or iOS API experience a plus).
2. Good understanding of user experience.

- Back-end Engineer

Our backend service is the soul of our platform. It's a technically challenged position. For a deep overview of how our backend services work read the great interview that leanstack wrote about our platform: http://leanstack.io/authy

1. 2 - 5 years of development experience.
2. Deep understanding of algorithms, service design and scalability.


Resumes and CV are usually not great indicators. We want to see your code. Something you build from ground up without any strict requirements. Something uniquely yours.
We designed a small challenge we think you'll like. Give it a try and send us your solution! We'll be in touch soon after.